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Harvest tarte with @tartinegourmand gf buckwheat crust and @betheed tomatoes

The organ art of Camila Carlow.

Onions and crabapples from the tree down the street om nom nom

Canning season is here, smile!

Kale kimchi ftw

Looking for a Food Safe certified volunteer

Bowness Eats is looking for a Food Safety certified volunteer to supervise a pig roast on October 05, 2013. This would involve checking the temperature during roasting and supervising the carving. Please see link for event details. Payment will be in gratitude, a $150 honorarium, a beer ticket and delicious roast pig. If interested, please email Christina, cvpickles at hotmail.com.

Auspicious signs of spring in the garden. 

Live Slow.

Soon to be in my living room.

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